Texas Annulment 101

Aside from divorce itself, what about getting an annulment? What is it? How does it work? What are the grounds for annulment in Texas? Houston Divorce Now is here to answer these questions and help you find the lawyer you need today!

What is an Annulment

The difference between a divorce and an annulment is that a divorce ends a marriage, while an annulment ends a marriage that should have never been valid to begin with. In Texas, you can try to get this if the marriage was made in Texas, or if one of the spouses lives in Texas.

What Happens

To file for this, one must file for “A Suit to Declare Void the Marriage of [You] and [Your Spouse].” Other documents may be needed as well, like if children are involved. Get a professional to help you fill out this document, but some things that will be needed are:

  • Your Name

  • Spouses Name

  • Children’s Names

  • Date of Marriage

  • Date of Separation

  • Property Rights

Just like a divorce, the judge will decide who keeps what, custody of children, and other assets that need to be dispersed. Once an annulment is made, the marriage is considered void, and an ex-spouse can legally state that they have never been married.

Grounds for Annulment

Unlike what our article about grounds for divorce was discussing, grounds are required for annulment in Texas. There are many grounds for annulment that can be found here or you can talk to a professional, but here are some of the more basic reasons to get an annulment:

  • Fraud, Duress, or Force– One of the parties uses fraud, duress, or force to persuade the other into the marriage.

  • Impotency – One of the parties is no longer able to have sex, whether that be from an injury or something else.

  • Under the influence – A spouse was under the influence of drugs or narcotics and not able to properly make a sound decision when consenting to marriage. (Sounds like a Vegas wedding!)

  • Incest – The spouses are closer than first cousins.

  • Underage – In Texas, a judge must content to marriage under the age of 18, and anyone younger than 16 is not allowed to get married.

  • Time – If the marriage was made within 72 hours, it can be made void.

As most can see, an annulment is a little different than a divorce. Sometimes it is needed, and C.Y. Lee Legal Group is here to get you the legal help you need. Visit our website and look at all the legal options available.

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