Is my Significant Other Cheating?

Are you doubting your partner's faithfulness? Look for the warning signs here.

So, you had the wedding and your living the dream… right? It might be that time in your relationship where you doubt the faithfulness of your partner. Maybe you have noticed a little more secrecy going on. But how do you know if your partner is actually cheating? This factor in a marriage can be extremely hard to deal with, so Houston Divorce Now has some tell-tale warning signs to give you.

What Counts as Cheating?

Cheating can be described completely different from one relationship to another. Before you got married, you might have had discussion with your soon-to-be spouse about where you draw the line. Take these factors into consideration before you decide what counts as cheating:

  • Is it okay for them to hang out with someone else alone?

  • You do you feel about talking to others about your relationship problems?

  • Does flirting count as cheating?

When you sit down and have a conversation about cheating before you are suspicious, you can help your partner understand the boundaries you each have for one another. Something you may think is not okay to do could be seen as nothing to your partner. Communicate.

Warning Signs

If you have already set boundaries with your significant other and you still suspect foul play, you should pay attention to changes in your partner. You may notice some subtle changes that could mean they are indeed cheating. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Hiding Their Phone – If your significant other is texting another person or making calls, they will most likely try to hide their phone from you or constantly have all messages deleted.

  • No Intimacy – If you have not had sex with your partner in over three months, it is possible they might be seeing someone else. If they are not getting it from you, why would they not be getting it from someone else?

  • Unknown Schedule – You might have been able to know exactly what your partner was doing at whatever time of day before, and now you are left in the dark. This might be because they do not want you knowing what they are doing…

  • Putting the Blame on You – Sometimes when a partner cheats, they find ways to rationalize what they have done. By doing this, everything that you say to question them is wrong in their mind.

  • Strange Charges – If your partner is cheating, they could be spending money on someone else. Taking someone on a date, trip, or dinner costs money. If you have a shared bank account, you can look further into their spending.

**Although these warning signs CAN mean infidelity is occurring, it does not guarantee that your spouse is being unfaithful.

What Now?

If you do find that your partner is cheating and you do not wish to continue the relationship, your next step is divorce. Texas has different rules from other states for divorce, so it is important to find a respected attorney to help you. Head over to C.Y. Lee Legal Group to get started today. For more information about divorce, look at our other articles:

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