Help With Child Custody and Support

Separating from a spouse can already be a stressful predicament, and including complications with a child may seem even harder. If you find yourself in an enduring situation like this, there are ways to find help.

Taking care of your child is obviously your utmost priority, but making sure they have the resources to succeed and are accounted for financially is next on that list. If you are in the middle of undergoing a separation from someone you have a child with, it would be wise to consult with a family lawyer about your options.

The kinds of services a family lawyer can provide are so much more than just representing you in court. With the right legal counsel, you can also expect help with:

  • Avoiding potentially dangerous problems with your former spouse

  • Understanding your guaranteed visitation or custodial rights

  • Maximizing the amount you can receive in child support payments

  • Keeping a civil relationship with your former spouse through the proceedings

Especially now of all times, family law can be incredibly complicated and it is always a good decision to consult with an expert about anything you do not fully understand. Current issues you may be interested in learning more about include the status of your IRS stimulus check and how that relates to your child support payments. The government can use administrative offsets to claim money that is owed or behind, so learning how that affects you is absolutely necessary.

Depending on your state, legal situation and relationship status, payments can be higher than the standard $1200 that most qualifying singles will receive from the government.

Consider consulting with one if you have questions you need answered, or if you are ready to move forward with your case. If you live in the Houston area and need to speak with someone, call (832) 632 4639 to set up an appointment.

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