Divorce During a Pandemic: 6 Things You Should Know

Emotions are higher than usual during a pandemic, which means couples may be considering divorce at higher rates. Here are six things you should know whether you are considering divorce or already divorced.

1. The Blame

No one said it would be easy to stay home with your spouse during a pandemic, but for many, this pandemic has caused significant changes to their relationship with their spouse. It's easy to blame the person you are with 24/7, but what if these issues aren't about your spouse? It's important to note that divorce is often not someone's fault. It can simply be that with time, you have grown apart, and because life before the pandemic is often purely hustling and bustling around town, you have not noticed that something has indeed changed. Take a moment to talk to a therapist before you decide on a divorce. Pinpoint who you are at this moment of your life. Figuring out what position you have in a potential divorce can save you many heartaches, and you may be surprised to know that your spouse may be feeling the same. Taking the time to establish that there was no one to blame for a divorce can solidify the divorce agreement and help with a faster separation.

2. Toxic Environment

Alternatively, this pandemic can be eye-opening for some couples. Having to stay in a home with their spouse can reveal a toxic environment. You may discover that you are in an abusive relationship and did not know until now. If you or your children feel unsafe at any time during the pandemic, it's vital to create an exit plan. Talk to your lawyer. A lawyer will be able to advise you through potential restraining orders and walk you through child custody, alimony, and child support. Know you are not alone and that women shelters are also fully open during this time.

3. Courts

Although most courts are still open, most family courts are running slower due to Covid-19 safety precautions. This pandemic has also added new divorce and custody topics for families, like how a child will be receiving education during the pandemic. These added cases will slow things down even further. If you about to start the divorce process, talk to your lawyer as soon as possible. Many low conflict divorces can be resolved through mediation or collaborative law.

4. Dividing Assets

The pandemic has been devasting for many financially. Stocks, home values, and saving plans are taking significant hits. You may be losing money if you divorce during the pandemic. Talk to your lawyer about how your assets will be affected due to the market. There may not be a lot you can do, but your lawyer may be able to advise you when you should officially separate. Choosing the right date can completely change the outcome of your financial state after a divorce.

5. Stable Work

Whether you are divorced or going through a divorce during the pandemic, it's important to note that your job may not be safe. Until this pandemic goes away, many Americans may still lose their job and will struggle financially. You may be asking yourself, how does this affect divorce? If your ex-spouse is paying child support and has lost his job, it won't be easy to receive payment. Moreover, if your ex-spouse is diagnosed with Covid-19, they will not be able to work. To avoid conflict, you may want to consider adding a Pandemic clause to your divorce agreement.

6. Co-Parenting

Co-parenting always has its difficulties. Unfortunately, this pandemic has added another layer of headache for some parents. The most prominent topic that has arisen is how to keep your kids safe, especially if your ex-spouse still expects your kids to go back and forth from your home to theirs. Talk to your attorney about the best way to create a safety plan for your kids. Establishing the best method of action can help clear up any issues with your ex-spouse and keep you and your family safe.

Finally, divorce may not be comfortable during the pandemic, but it's not impossible to work through. For some, it may be the best way to keep you safe. C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC has more than a decade of experience helping families through the divorce process. They are committed to helping keep you and your family safe, especially during the pandemic. Contact them today for a consultation.

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