Divorce Myths You Should Know

Divorces are stressful. While it is essential and encouraged to take the time to talk to family and friends about your divorce, you will probably run into questionable advice. Below, you’ll find a few divorce myths you should look out for as you navigate divorce-related conversations. It is important to note that if you aren’t sure about a piece of advice, you contact your attorney. They will be able to assist you in answering any questions you may have.

1. Children can decide parent custody.

Children do not have the authority to choose which parent will have custody of them. This is a divorce myth. Judges make this decision based on the facts that are presented in the custody case. There will be times that a mature child can voice their opinion into why they feel they should stay with a parent, but in the end, a judge will most likely choose a parent that will be looking after the child’s well-being above all. For example, if you are a parent to a teen who does not respond to your strict parenting and are worried that this may affect custody, do not worry. Being a strict parent is not a bad thing. It means that you want to protect your child in the best way possible.

2. Parents who have custody can withhold visitation.

This is a divorce myth. After a child custody battle, there are rules implemented in regards to visitation. If any parent is not complying with the agreed terms, this does not give any parent to enforce their own laws. They do not have the power to take visitation away. If you feel that some of the agreed terms should be amended, you should reach out to your attorney right away. Reasons to amend your child custody agreement include unpaid child support, you suspect your child may be in danger, or the visitation schedule is not being followed. Adjusting terms are not uncommon and should be consulted with a legal professional.

3. As a man, you have to pay alimony.

Men are not automatically required to pay alimony. This is another divorce myth. Although it may look like only men are forced to pay alimony in the past, this is false. Alimony is based on living conditions. Since we live in the age of working mothers and stay-at-home Dads, alimony can equally affect working mothers. The idea is that alimony can be awarded to any spouse who is genuinely affected by the divorce financially. In most cases, alimony isn’t a guarantee. If you feel that you should be awarded alimony, talk to your attorney about your financial situation. Your attorney will be able to work on the best case possible to ensure you are awarded everything you deserve.

4. You don’t need a divorce lawyer.

Although you technically do not need to hire a lawyer for your divorce, it is highly recommended. The last thing you want is to go into a divorce without someone experienced and knowledgeable about the process. A divorce lawyer will assist you through the legal jargon you may not be familiar with and, above all, fight for everything you deserve.

Finally, If you are getting a divorce, our attorneys at C. Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC can help you with answers to your questions and provide you with the legal advice you need. Contact them today for your free consultation to learn how they can help you through your divorce.

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