Things to Consider when Filing for Divorce

After careful consideration, some couples might find the need to file for divorce. Houston Divorce Now is here to provide some things to contemplate when considering divorce. We realize that divorce filing can be harder than it looks. Before starting the divorce process, it is important to look into the right attorney, custody issues, joint accounts, and your future living situation.

Hire the Right Attorney

Unfortunately, not all divorces can go smoothly. Some partners might be caught off guard, might be hurt, or might be hard to work with. This is why hiring a good divorce attorney is so important. Through the attorney, you will learn about the procedures and process of successfully filing for divorce. The right divorce attorney should:

  • Fit your style

  • Understand your goals

  • Meet your financial budget

The right attorney for you could be right here.

Child Custody

Another thing to think about before divorce is your goals for child custody. If you and your soon to be ex can figure out an arrangement for your children before the divorce, you can get ahead of most people who file for divorce with children. The custody battle can be long and hard, but not if you put these into consideration:

  • Who will have primary custody?

  • What will your future schedule and you child's future schedule look like?

  • Do you have any other obligations?

Joint Accounts

Joint bank accounts and credit cards need to be talked about with your attorney. Most likely, you will want to close the account or leave them the same. Sometimes, leaving your joint accounts open can lead to a spouse racking up bills in your name, or even draining all the money out of the account. This could even affect your future credit score. Talk to your attorney about whether you should close the accounts, divide them in half, or leave them the same before filing for divorce.

Living Situation

If you decide to live separately form your spouse before divorce, make sure you are not acting single and dating other people before the divorce. This can be used against you in court, and you may even have to pay your ex for expenditures made on another person. Another thing to think about is whether or not you actually want to leave the property you are living on with you spouse. This can go into consideration for whether you really want that property, and if you have left the kids with your spouse it could have significant meaning in a court hearing. Talk to your divorce attorney about the best options for you.

Remember, no matter what you end up deciding, attorneys at C.Y. Lee Legal Group are here to help you with your divorce if you need it. For more information about filing for divorce, get to the C.Y. Lee Legal Group site to contact one of their trustworthy attorneys.

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