Making a Settlement Deal

Towards the end of your divorce process, you will need to figure out an official agreement with your soon to be ex on things like child custody and housing. This official agreement will be referred to as a settlement between you and the other party. Houston Divorce Now has some pointers on discussions and how to go about making deals with your spouse.

Discussions on Settlement

Before getting into a discussion of settlements with your spouse, you should consider some of the following:

  • What is your relationship like?

  • Is it possible to actually reach an agreement?

  • How high are your expectations?

  • How touchy are the subjects you want to discuss?

These questions can help answer how the outcome of a discussion would go. If you have a rocky relationship with your spouse, It might be hard to pull weight in what you want from the divorce. Furthermore, if expectations are too high, one of you might end up being disappointed at an outcome. The best way to go about settlements is to you through each other’s attorneys. This can keep everything civil. Whether you go through your attorney, or on your own have a discussion, you can settle things with your spouse before the conclusion of the trial.

Making Deals

As stated before, it is best to have an attorney with you when trying to discuss settlement issues with your spouse. When these things go to trial, you need to be sure everything is spelled out plainly and all information is evident. Think about these types of deals:

  • Physical custodial arrangements – Although you may or may not trust your spouse, physical custodial arrangements should be spelled out in detail. This would include information like who is picking up and dropping off children, specific timing, contact information, and what happens if someone is late.

  • Joint parenting issues – Just like the physical custodial arrangement, you and your spouse will need to specify things like health care, education, and extracurricular activities. Cooperation between parents on this type of custody is imperative. This type of deal will need to be super specific, so if something does not happen on the other party’s half, they can be help accountable for their actions.

In general, it is safe to say that making deals with your spouse can become quite tricky if not worded properly. This is why having your attorney is so important. They can lay everything out for you and make sure you are getting the best deal you can through the court.

When it Becomes Official

So, when exactly does a deal made between you and your spouse become official in the divorce? Deals become locked in once a court has decided on it. Unfortunately, just because you made a verbal, or even a written agreement with your spouse on a conflict, that does not mean the court will accept it. Courts realize that many couples may be thinking with emotion and may not be completely rational during the divorce process. They believe in fairness, and strive to give couples fair settlements based on evidence they view.

For more information on settlements and making deals with your soon-to-be ex, talk to a trusted attorney today. They can help you get started on your case, and help you obtain the best solutions for your divorce. Come back next week for more helpful divorce information form Houston Divorce Now.

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