Navigating life as a Divorced Single Parent

Life is ever-changing, and situations like becoming a single parent after divorce or separation can feel life-altering. Know that you are not alone. Millions of parents, both mothers and fathers, have had to navigate the single-parent waters. Here are a few topics to think about as you journey into your new life.

New schedule

Taking the time to set a schedule for you and your kids can seem challenging, but it may be the most life-changing thing you do as a newly single parent. You may be asking, how would I go about starting a schedule? First, stop and think of all the tasks you are responsible for now. Start with your daily activities for your kids. This could be how long it takes to get the kids ready for school, pick-up times, homework schedules, and a sleep routine, no matter the age. Next, start adding your work or personal time. Personal time can be the most challenging time to set into place for many single parents, but it’s crucial you do. Emotionally, you have to give yourself a small break to do something that will clear your mind, especially if you’re navigating a divorce. Once you’ve established a schedule, stick with it. Add it to your phone calendar as an alert if it helps. Make it a fun activity by creating a physical plan with your kids in your kitchen. The idea is that you give yourself and your kids a structure so you won’t feel overwhelmed with your new life.

Dealing with the Emotions

The idea of becoming a single parent is overwhelming regardless of what your past marriage looked like before, and that’s ok. For some, it can feel like you failed in some way. Feeling this or any emotion is entirely natural, and it’s a different process for everyone. There is no set time for you to get through it either. For some, this process can go from months to years. What’s important is that you’re coping with the emotion healthily. It’s important to note that you did not fail and what’s happening is not your fault. Divorce is common, and you’re not the first or last to have to go through it. If you feel like the process has started to affect your life and is not getting better, do not feel embarrassed to ask for help. Professionals, such as psychologists or therapists, can provide you with coping mechanisms that may help with your Day to day life. Suppose you’re not comfortable talking to a professional; reach out to a family member or a friend. Remember, you are not alone, and you are allowed to ask for help. This feeling is temporary, and life will get better.

Finding the right attorney

On top of all the emotions and the new schedule, navigating a divorce is no easy task. Fortunately, You don’t have to do that alone. From the moment you find out you will have to go through a divorce, talk to a lawyer you can trust. The right lawyer can help guide you through any questions you may have and provide you with your divorce process’s next steps. Even if you haven’t decided that divorce is your next move, talking to a lawyer won’t hurt you. A divorce lawyer will be able to advise you about any child custody, alimony, restraining order, and financial questions you may have.

Finally, C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC has more than a decade of experience helping families through the divorce process. They are committed to finding the best solution for your case while keeping your best interests in mind throughout the process. We hope this helps navigate your new life as a single parent.

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