Picking up my Child from Online School?

Online school for your child might be located at your ex’s house. What does this mean for you and how will you adapt to the new situation?

As the pandemic still goes strong into the fall, kids have started doing online school. What does online schooling mean for children with divorced parents? There is no longer a neutral ground to pick you child up from, and you must come to terms with learning how to properly communicate with your ex. Through communication, pickup locations, protective order rights, and the help of your attorney, you can feel safe with the new way of online schooling for your child.


One of the biggest things to think about when bringing your child into your divorce situation is communication. There is no need to have endless questions about what you will do with new school procedures when you can have a civil conversation with your ex-spouse. By being able to sit down with your ex, you can answer big questions like:

  • Does this change our custody schedule?

  • When should I pick up my child?

  • When do classes start and end?

  • How do I stay in the loop with my child’s learning?

By talking with your ex-partner, you can get these questions out of the way and feel better about the school year and custody situation for your child. If you do not feel comfortable talking in person with your ex, you can always try to communicate over the phone, by email, or even by text. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Pickup Locations

When it comes to picking up or dropping of your child, you may be uncomfortable with the idea of an ex being that close to your property or vice versa. With proper communication in mind, you should talk to you ex about pickup and drop off locations, and if a plan like that would work with your custody agreements. Maybe having your ex meet you at a familiar coffee shop that is on your way home from work can help you pick up your child faster. Here are some great neutral ground pickup locations:

  • A park

  • A safe parking lot

  • Empty school parking lot

  • The daycare your child attends

For more ideas on pickup and drop-off locations for your child, you can always discuss custody situations like this with a trusted attorney.

Protective Orders and Child Custody

Unfortunately, you may have a protective order against you, or you may have one against your ex-spouse. In this case, it makes it difficult to communicate and have pickup and drop-off locations set up for your child after online schooling. In this case, the best solution (aside from talking to your attorney), would be to find someone as a middle man to help transport your child from one location to another. By having a person like this, you can eliminate seeing your ex and still know your child is safe. You will also have the comfort of knowing you are following your custody orders and protective orders.

Call Your Attorney

All in all, if anything becomes uncertain as to what you should do, or what your next step should be, you should contact an attorney. An attorney can help you figure out a plan that coincides with a protective order or custody rights. Talk to one of our trusted attorneys today to help you and your child figure out a schedule with online schooling and child custody.

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