Tips for the Best Prenuptial Possible in Texas

So, you may know that you need a prenuptial agreement, but what else comes along with this? Is there anything else you need to know? We know these conversations with your future spouse can be uncomfortable, and we are here to give you the information you need so you can make the conversation understandable. Before we dive in, take a look at our other prenup blog posts:

One of the big things you need to know about prenups in Texas is that assets gained as a couple are not protected in a prenup. Many couples make the mistake of thinking a prenuptial agreement can make sure that all their money and assets still goes back to the right person if a divorce happens. Prenuptial agreements are specifically for assets and money that is owned by each person BEFORE marriage happens. If you are interested in postnuptial agreements, these can be arranged while already married (but it's much easier to go ahead and do a prenup!).


One of the worst things you can do with a prenuptial agreement is procrastinate bringing it up. The earlier the better! Bringing up a contract is obviously not a very romantic topic, but here are some great reasons to talk about it:

  • Ownership of a business

  • Property Ownership

  • Financial Issues

Having more time to talk about topics like these will help make for a smoother time when writing up the contract. Remember, having a trusted lawyer on your side will make the experience even better.

Hire Separate Lawyers

Although when married you should do everything together with your spouse, making a prenuptial agreement is something you will need to stay separate on. By having separate lawyers, you and your future spouse can ensure that everything is fair and neither of you will regret the contract later. Remember – Keep everything separate until you are married.

All in all, when prenuptial agreements need to get taken care of, you need to find an attorney who will help you get the job done right. At C.Y. Lee Legal Group, we can help you get started on your prenuptial when you need it.

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