Successful Single Parenting: A Guide

Being a single parent has its challenges, but with that comes rewards. In order to be a great parent for your child, you should follow some of these guidelines:

Be Willing to Give Visitation

One of the hardest things single parents discover is letting go of your child, even if just for a few hours, to your ex-spouse. By allowing your child to see their other parent, you are creating a healthy environment for them to foster a love for both parents. Need help with visitation rights and custody? Talk to a lawyer, and look at some of these blog posts:


Having a routine for you AND your child is a great way to create stability. Knowing a schedule with waking up, bedtime, mealtime, and even visitation time helps to keep the future predictable for your child.

Tip: Make a calendar for you and your kid


Taking your child out on outings is a great way to build a strong bond between each other. You may think adventures are expensive, but there are many ways to have fun and go out for cheap. Take a look at this list as an idea for what you can do. Until then, try going to the park, visiting a museum, or stay inside and create a treasure hunt! Doing activities like this also help you get away from your world full of electronics. Live in the moment!

Be Healthy

Staying healthy can be quite the challenge, and can refer to more than just eating right. Being healthy can include:

  • Letting go of Baggage – Take the time to get over your divorce and understand your emotions. You will thank yourself later. Maybe start by discarding items from your past life like wedding rings and mementos. Seeing a counselor can also help to relieve the damage you feel.

  • Build Support – Creating a support network for yourself is essential. You need adult time and friendships that can help you feel and feel better in general.

  • Date – Do not be afraid of the idea of dating again. Yes, heartbreak hurts, but allowing yourself to possibly love again is a great feeling, not to mention it could be a great way to show your child what a healthy relationship looks like.


Although this is something you should discuss with your ex so you are on the same page, discipline is a big factor in helping the development of your child. Specifically, consistent discipline will help your child receive a better understanding of consequences for their actions (not just empty threats to ground them when you won’t).

Mindful of Money

Teaching your kid about properly managing money is a great concept for them to know and keep in mind for the future. By watching you be mindful with your money, and teaching them helpful tips and tricks, you can have them on the road to successful money saving in no time.

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