Texas Divorce: Facts, Info, Tips

Filing for divorce is a little different in each state—including Texas. What does divorce in Texas mean? Look no further than Houston Divorce Now to learn some basic facts about Texas divorce, know the grounds for divorce when there is fault, and tips for helping the divorce go as smooth as possible.

Texas Divorce Must-Knows

Divorce in Texas is a slow process.

“No-fault” divorce is allowed.

Separation does not change property rights.

Three need-to-know things about divorce in Texas are that is can be a slow process, there is an option for “no-fault,” and legal separation is not recognized. Unfortunately, the average divorce in Texas takes about six months to a year to finalize. Remember, using a divorce lawyer is the speediest route. Texas also acknowledges fault verses no-fault divorces. This means if a no-fault divorce occurs, income and property can be split evenly between the parties—not giving one of the parties an advantage. Lastly, separation does not affect how property will be divided, even if the parties have been split for a lengthy amount of time.

Grounds for Divorce

After looking at fault verses no fault divorces, it’s important to know the seven grounds for divorce in Texas. These include:

  • Insupportability - This is one of the most common no-fault grounds for divorce. This simply states both parties have conflicting personalities and the marriage is insufferable.

  • Living Apart – Although living apart does not change property and income rights, the parties have grounds for divorce if they have been living apart for at least three years.

  • Confinement in a Mental Hospital – A party is in the mental hospital for at least three years and is not likely to change.

  • Abandonment – The spouse must be gone for at least a year, and with the intent of abandoning their partner.

  • Felony Criminal Conviction – The person has to have been convicted of a felony or imprisoned for at least one year.

  • Adultery – Proof of infidelity in the relationship. This can be proof of the actual physical cheating itself, or even bank statements showing the purchasing of expensive things for another person.

  • Cruelty – Reoccurring abuse and excessive suffering, whether mental or physical.

For more information about grounds for divorce in Texas, please refer to a divorce lawyer.

Tips for a Smoother Divorce

Don’t Hide – Some people going through a divorce might try to hide an asset that they have not let a spouse know about. It can make the divorce take much longer trying to pry information out of a partner. Prenuptial agreements are a great start in knowing assets that both parties have before getting married, and making sure they get to keep those assets.

Negotiate – Don’t try to claim everything over the other partner. Really think about what is important to keep. Will that dining room table really matter to you in 10 years, or will you have bought a new one by then? Start thinking about what really needs to be kept and the important of each item on the ballot.

Don’t Deny Visitation – Visitation rights are important to both the parent and the child. Trying to be cruel while keeping a child away from the other parent will look bad in the court’s eyes, as well as have a negative impact on the child. The only reason visitation should be denied is for the safety of the child.

Speak with a Divorce Lawyer – Picking a divorce lawyer is going to be an important part of starting off on the right foot. C.Y. Lee Legal Group has an elite team to help couples receive the divorce they require. Divorce lawyers will ultimately have the best advice for helping a divorce go smoothly for every situation.

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