The 87th Legislative Session: Bills Worth Watching

The 87th Texas Legislative Session began on Jan. 12, 2021, this year and will conclude on May 31, 2021. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, Legislators have already submitted 2,062 bills, and we can all expect an in-depth debate for each one. We at C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC understand the need to be informed and would like to provide a small glimpse of items that have been proposed . Below are some of the bills worth watching.

Law Enforcement

This year's session will primarily aim toward the legalities regarding the interactions between police and citizens. Bills will be addressing excessive force by a police officer to the partnering of reality TV.

SB 86 - This bill will require peace officers to intervene or prevent another peace officer from using excessive force against a person suspected of committing an offense.

SB 69 - This bill would prohibit certain techniques when using force to make an arrest or search.

SB 161 - This bill will restrict qualified immunity and allow citizens to sue against an alleged offense within two years of an incident.

HB 54 - This bill will prohibit law enforcement agencies from partnering with reality tv shows.


A hot topic here in the state of Texas, lawmakers on both sides have submitted a record amount of bills aimed for gun control and gun rights. With the 2022 election on its way, it is most likely these bills will be up for debate whether they become law or not.

HB 52 - This bill relates to the creation of criminal offenses concerning firearm sales at gun shows; authorizing a fee.

HB 185 - This will be would it a criminal act to not store guns in a gun sage or case.

HB 55 - This bill would allow a school marshall to carry or be in possession of a concealed handgun.

HB 112 - This bill aims to highlight the tenth amendment in order to not allow the federal government to enforce any gun control laws that are not enacted by the state.


Lawmakers have introduced cannabis-related bills this year that would include the adult use and medical use of marijuana and as well as the complete legalization. Many lawmakers have concluded that the legalization of marijuana would boost the Texas economy by $3.6 billion.

SB 250 - This bill would authorize the use, cultivation, possession, distribution, and transportation of medical cannabis for patients if approved by a physician.

SB 130 - This bill would legalize marijuana.

HB 99 - This bill would reduce possession of two ounces of marijuana to a class C C misdemeanor. This would also prohibit the arrest due to this misdemeanor.


School districts across the state have seen a complete decline in student enrollment due to the pandemic. Law makers are weighing budget cuts and several bills targeting inclusivity and taxes.

HB 59 - This bill aims to abolish school district maintenance and operations taxes in the state. This is not the first time Republican Rep. Andrew Murr has tried to pass this bill.

HB 24 - This bill aims to help school districts with funding inclusive and accessible playgrounds.

HB 41 - This bill would implement class size limits and student/teacher ratios for prekindergarten classes in public schools.

HB 153 - This bill would require schools to include a culturally inclusive curriculum reflecting our society's cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity.

Be sure to click through the links to read the bills in their entirety. To access the most up to date information about these or other bills, click here. For more information on how our attorneys can help you in any of our areas of expertise, contact us today!

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