What is a Temporary Order?

While in the early stages of divorce, it is possible for either party to file motions for “temporary orders” with the court. These temporary motions are needed when a divorce it taking a while and things get out of hand in between the final conclusion. These motions can help make sure kids do not get taken out of the state during the divorce, money is not wasted, and even financial support can be evaluated while you wait. Do you need a temporary motion? Houston Divorce Now is ready to give you information and answers to your questions.

Things to Consider

Before looking into getting a temporary order, you should consider some of the following:

  • How close is the final hearing?

  • Can you make a good impression on the judge?

  • Can you afford the attorney fees that go with a temporary order?

  • Are you willing to spend time in court fighting for this?

By answering these basic questions, you will be able to consider whether or not you should go through with getting a temporary order. If you have the time, the money, and the need to get a temporary order, you should talk to your attorney about your options and evidence you have for needing this type of order.

Custody Issues and Temporary Orders

Sometimes, divorce cases and be pending for over a year before even going to trial. If this happens during your divorce, you should consider what temporary custody orders could do for you. By establishing temporary custody, you could show the court what you have done to help your child and be able to create a record of yourself being a responsible parent. This could also work in showing the court that your soon-to-be ex may not be the best primary provider for your child. Discuss with your attorney what actions you should take that can benefit you during your case and for the future.

Abuse and Temporary Orders

If you are in an abusive relationship and feel unsafe, you may need to file a temporary order to be able to get away from your spouse. On the other hand, this temporary order may be issued against you, and could affect you later in the court hearing. Remember to:

  • Document everything

  • Record if you need to

  • Contact the police and file a report if you need to

  • Look at our blog for more information on abuse

Whether you need to file this order, or it is being used to file against you, the best way to help yourself is to have records of everything. This can show the court if you are guilty or not. Talk to your lawyer to learn more.

Houston Divorce Now knows that divorce is a strenuous process and can cause stress and anxiety for you. By knowing more about your options, you can be better prepared for your divorce. Talk to a trusted attorney today and get started with your case.

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