Why do Couples Divorce?

Earlier, Houston Divorce Now discussed grounds for divorce in Texas, but what are reasons among couples to get divorced in general? In 2018 alone, the divorce rate in the United States was 2.9 per 1,000 population. It’s not surprising to feel like everyone is getting a divorce. This article will look into why people are getting divorced, when in the relationship divorce occurs, and what to do when ready for divorce.

Why Couples are Divorcing

Statistically speaking, the divorce rate in the United States is high, but let’s look further into why the numbers are presented the way they are. Below are some common reasons for wanting a divorce, but there are many more. Remember, just because these are common reasons for divorce does not mean that these are okay (which is exactly why it’s okay to get a divorce!).

Domestic Abuse – This can put a strain on the relationship like no other. Violence and abuse in the household is taken very seriously and can be a tricky situation. Read our article on domestic abuse to learn more.

Unrealistic Expectations – Sometimes couples go into relationships with high expectations. Even through therapy, it might not be enough for a partner and what they expect from the other. Couples need to seriously think about if the problem can be solved over time, or if some expectations are too important to not be met.

Infidelity – Cheating is another huge problem in marriages. People want a change or are trying to stay in the relationship when they really have no desire to stay.

Equality – Many couples see a lack of equality in the relationship. One might feel like he or she does way more than the other person does or the relationship.

Preparation – Just like getting a pet, some people do not realize what it takes to be ready for marriage. This could be because the couple it too young, maybe needs more experience, or even leads back to unrealistic expectations from the other person.

Arguing – Over 50% of couples divorce because of arguing. Staying in a relationship that constantly leads to arguing can be draining and stressing on both partners.

Divorce and Timing

So now we see why couples are divorcing, but when is this? Looking at statistics, one can see that the average age for a couples divorce is about 30 years old. Also, on average, couples get divorced about 7 years into the marriage. What are factors in this? By this time in the relationship, there way have been changes like deaths in the family, children, or job changes. Factors like these can change and even put stress on the relationship. Is your marriage prepared for life changes and the way your partner handles these said changes? At some point, enough is enough and a divorce lawyer is brought into the situation.

Ready for Divorce?

After trying to fix the relationship and it just does not seem to be getting better, it might be time to finally draw the line and get a divorce. Divorce lawyers are here and ready to start your case. Make sure to read a few of our other articles:

Houston Divorce Now is here to prepare Houstonians for divorce and what to expect. Contact one of our dedicated lawyers today to start your case.

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