Your First Consultation: What do I bring?

After booking your first consultation at C.Y. Lee Legal Group, you may be asking yourself, what’s next? What do I bring? How do I use my time wisely at my first consultation? As a new potential client, these questions are all understandable, and we at C.Y. Lee Legal Group want to make sure you feel comfortable and prepared. We pride ourselves on always putting you first and making this stressful process as easy as possible for you. Today we will discuss what to bring and how to get the most out of your first consultation.


First off, before booking your consultation, online on our website or by phone. It’s a good idea to get to know our firm. We are made up of an entire team of attorneys, paralegals, associates, and legal clerks. Our website provides you with a summary of our background and short bios of our team. It’s important to make sure we are a good fit for your needs. Remember, although we’d love to assist you with your case, we understand that first consultations do not mean you’ve chosen us as your team. Our mission at your first consultation is to help answer as many questions as possible and provide you with a plan of action.

What to bring

Now that you’ve gotten to know us online, we must get to know you at your first consultation. Here is a preliminary list of documents we will need.

  • Your Case Number (if available)

  • Your Hearings Schedule (if available)

  • A copy of any orders in place

  • Information about opposing party representation

  • Any other document you may have that may be relevant to the case

  • Your questions

What we need to know about your case?

We must know the exact details of your case. We want to make sure we know who is involved and any children involved. We also need to know any specific information about your family. Where you work? Where you live? Any background you can provide us will help us understand exactly what’s happening. It’s also pivotal to tell us if you are in danger. We want to help keep you and your family safe and provide you with your best options as we advance. Lastly, we want to know what you hope is your outcome of this case. After each case, we understand that it’s like starting a new life, and we want to help get you to where you want to be.


We understand that money may be tight going into a case. It’s important you let us know if there are any special payment terms or parameters or an already scheduled budget in place. We can try to design the most effective solution to your case based on your budget.

The question breakdown

Below you will find our list of relevant questions that could help us further understand your case.

  • Is there a history of addiction between you or the other party?

  • Is there a history of abuse between you and the other party?

  • Are there essential assets (inheritance, homes, property, businesses...etc.) we need to be aware of?

  • Has either party been involved with any illegal affairs?

  • Do you qualify for an annulment?

  • Are you in a toxic environment at home?

  • Is there a history of mental illness in either party?

  • Will religion affect this case in any way?

  • Is there an already established prenup or postnup?

  • Is either party dependent on the other financially?

  • Are you separated? How long?

  • Is either party looking to move?

  • Are there any other lawsuits involved?

Use this list and other questions you may have as a guide through your consultation to ensure you are getting and providing all the information relevant to the case. Please note that first consultations are meant to introduce the case to the attorneys and provide you with a preliminary plan. For us to better understand the case, a follow-up may be required.

We hope this information has been helpful and that you have chosen us as your firm. We at C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC are committed to finding the best solution for your case while keeping your best interests in mind throughout this process.

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